Russian military plane violates Swedish airspace

EA Russian military aircraft briefly entered Swedish airspace. The Swedish military announced on Saturday evening that the AN-30 propeller plane had initially been east of the Danish island of Bornholm in the Baltic Sea the previous night and then flown towards the territory Swedish. South of Blekinge it violated Swedish airspace for a short time before leaving the area again. Swedish fighter jets followed the incident and photographed the aircraft. In early March, four Russian fighter jets briefly entered the airspace over Sweden.

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine more than two months ago, there have been intensive discussions in Sweden and neighboring Finland about possible NATO membership. Russia has repeatedly warned the EU’s two northernmost states against such a move.

As the newspaper “Die Welt” reported, the Swedish Ministry of Defense in Stockholm condemned the incident as “completely unacceptable”. Especially in view of the “general security situation”, the violation of airspace was “very inappropriate”, Defense Minister Peter Hultqvist said, according to the SVT television channel. “Sweden’s sovereignty must always be respected.” Sweden will file a protest through diplomatic channels.

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Airspace violations have also occurred recently over direct NATO territory, according to Die Welt. As the alliance announced, there have been several situations over the past four days in which Russian aircraft have entered NATO airspace over the Baltic and Black Seas. . “Allied warplanes were on their way to pursue and intercept the Russian planes. According to Swedish media, the two countries could possibly submit their applications for NATO membership as early as mid-May. The heads of state and government of the 30 NATO countries could then discuss it at their summit in Madrid at the end of June.

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