PS Plus Premium at half price – Sony puts an end to bargain hunters

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With PS Plus Premium, Sony offers a true premium subscription model. Fans tried to get the subscription for half price. Sony has put a stop to that.

Update of 05/01/2022: It worked. After Sony caught wind of the stacking method used by some subscribers, the group quickly put a stop to the stacking. If you have a subscription to PS Plus and PS Now, you no longer get PS Plus Premium for the same period. Instead, subscriptions are redeemed for an equivalent price.

service name PS Plus (PlayStation Plus)
Monthly fee 8,99€
Offering Sony Interactive Entertainment (YOU)
consoles PS4 (PlayStation 4), PS5 (PlayStation 5)
advantages 2 months Free games, access to PS4/5 online multiplayer, exclusive PlayStation Store discounts, 100GB online storage
Active Memberships 47 million users

This means that a month-long PS Plus voucher brings PS Plus Premium in about two and a half weeks. A one-month PS Now voucher turns into around three weeks of PS Plus Premium. However, Sony assures that the vouchers can still be redeemed even after the launch of the new PS Plus. So stacking subscriptions still works, but it won’t save you any more money.

Half Price PS Plus Premium – This Trick Makes It Possible

First report of April 6, 2022: San Mateo, CA – In June 2022, PS Plus and PS Now will receive a fresh coat of paint. The two subscriptions for PS4 and PS5 are combined into one service and divided into three price ranges. Some smart gamers have already secured the top tier – PS Plus Premium – until 2031. Sony has already put an end to it, but some fans have ideas on how it might still work.

What happened? On March 29, Sony (HQ: San Mateo, CA) announced that PS Plus and PS Now would be revamped. PS Now will no longer exist and the benefits will be rolled into two new price ranges of the popular PS Plus service. We have also summarized all the prices and models of the new PS Plus for you. Manufacturer PlayStation has announced that from June 2022, all PS Now subscribers will automatically receive a PS Plus Premium subscription for the remainder of the term.

Here’s the trick: Since an annual subscription to PS Now was available for 60 euros, you could get PS Plus Premium for half the price – the premium version would cost 120 euros per year. Some gamers saw this as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and secured the new “PS Plus Premium” subscription for years to come – subscriptions should even remain active on the PS6.

Speaking of PS6: if you’re also happy with a PS5 at the moment and are still looking for that console, we recommend visiting our “Buy PS5” live ticker.

@kelvingame2 shared one on Twitter Screenshot with proofthat he*she will be able to access the new premium version of PS Plus by 2031. To do this, players simply purchased as many PS Now subscriptions as possible. However, Sony has now put an end to this trick and PS Now can only be subscribed on a monthly basis in the PlayStation Store.

PS Plus Premium: Sony blocks save for Super Membership trick – could it still work?

The last hope: There have been hints of the new PS Plus Mega subscription since the start of the year. Sony pulled physical cards for PS Now from stores – presumably to avoid exactly such tricks. However, it is still possible for these cards to continue to be detectable. Hopefully, you can also benefit from this trick.

PS Plus Premium at half price – players get a super subscription until 2031

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Caution is advised: If you are looking for PS Now cards, you should definitely look for serious offers. There are many fake offers and scams selling fake code cards. You should therefore rather rely on large retailers like MediaMarkt and Saturn or supermarkets like Edeka and Rewe. If you have PS Now cards left, it’s best to wait to redeem them so you can keep PS Plus Premium for as long as possible. If the codes on the cards are no longer redeemable, you can contact Sony support – after all, you paid for the service.

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