Prince William & Kate Middleton: connoisseurs of the arguments of the dream couple

It was an unforgettable dream wedding: on April 29, 2011, Prince William (39) and Duchess Kate (40, born Kate Middleton) said yes at Westminster Abbey in London. That momentous day is now almost eleven years to the day. William and Kate are still considered Britain’s dream couple. But even with the royal couple of models, the crumbs fly from time to time. According to “”, royal expert Robert Jobson reports in his new book on how the disputes between the Queen’s grandson (96) and his wife are going.

On the road with Prince George and Princess Charlotte: Check out Prince William and Duchess Kate’s cute family looks with their kids in the video above.

Prince William and Duchess Kate: This is how the Cambridges fight

It should come as no surprise to anyone that in an eleven-year marriage there is sometimes friction and heated argument. But how does a royal row unfold behind the walls of Kensington Palace? Robert Jobson sheds light on this in his new book “William at 40: The Making of a Modern Monarch”. According to the expert, the Cambridges sometimes have “violent arguments” and both “give as much as they receive”.

Royal Expert: This is where William and Kate differ

Robert Jobson reveals rare details about the argument between Prince William and Duchess Kate. As a result, the son of Prince Charles (73) and his wife behave very differently towards Zoff. While Kate is a quieter type, Prince William can get loud at times. Robert Jobson explains: “He can yell a little when he loses his temper. It’s fair to say that the Duke and Duchess give as much as they get when their disagreements lead to loud voices.” However, the quarrels of the dream royal couple did not last long: “They know each other so well that it usually ends quickly – and overall it has a great calming influence on him”, analyzes the expert.

Prince William and Duchess Kate: they savor their family happiness

Despite small quarrels, Prince William and Duchess Kate are happy with their marriage and family happiness. Robert Jobson reveals of the Cambridges’ relationship: “They have a solid relationship and that gives him confidence. There’s no jealousy, no friction – they celebrate each other’s successes.” William and Kate are not only happy for each other, but also with each other. Because the greatest happiness of the royal couple is their three children together, Prince George (8 years old), Princess Charlotte (6 years old) and Prince Louis (4 years old), who occupy their proud parents.

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