Postbank takes account termination seriously: time is up

The grace period is over: Postbank customers had until May 1 to accept the new terms and conditions before the termination of the bank’s account took effect. Anyone who continues to use the previously free checking account will automatically be asked to pay.

Postbank terminates current accounts: what affected customers need to know

Termination letters are out: Customers who have not accepted the changes to Postbank’s general terms and conditions as a customer should have already received the corresponding termination letter. April 30 was the termination deadline Giro-plus accounts whose holders have not accepted the new terms and conditions.

According to information from the February Handelsblatt, there was a five-digit average number of affected customers. However, since receiving the letter of termination, not all opportunities to remain at Postbank have expired. “But we would like to keep you as a customer. Secondly, we offer you the conclusion of a new current account contract with our current prices and conditions.

The effectiveness of the termination can also be prevented by accepting the new terms and conditions, this is possible in writing or online (source: Handelsblatt). If you do not want this, you should pay attention: From May 1, the current accounts concerned, for which customers have not paid account maintenance fees since January due to lack of consent, will be transferred to paid accounts.

This means that anyone who continues to use the current account after April 30 – for example by making a transfer, withdrawing money or paying by card – automatically accepts the new conditions. Thereafter, a monthly account management fee of 5.90 euros is due.

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On the other hand, anyone who leaves the account unused and still does not accept the terms and conditions will in fact be terminated upon completion. Affected accounts can a way June 30 will no longer be used. The reason for the terminations is the judgment of the Federal Court of Justice last year. Since then, banks are no longer allowed to introduce changes to the terms and conditions, such as new account management fees, without the active consent of the customers concerned.

Anyone who uses online banking should be familiar with these security procedures:

“We don’t want to lose any customers and end some legal uncertainty for both parties,” said a spokesperson for Deutsche Bank, which Postbank also belongs to. But Deutsche Bank is also preparing “similar measures for current accounts”. Norisbank now also charges account management fees for existing customers.

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