Mariupol: Dozens of Civilians Leave Besieged Steel Mill

Russia attacks Odessa airport

Meanwhile, heavy fighting continued in eastern and southern Ukraine. Russian forces targeted the airport in the port city of Odessa. The track was destroyed in the process, Odessa region governor Maxym Marchenko said. Missiles of the “Bastion” coastal defense system were used.

Both sides have reported military successes in the hotly contested east of the country. The Russian side said it hit more than 380 Ukrainian military objects, about four ammunition dumps and a fuel depot. In addition, 120 Ukrainian fighters were “destroyed”.

The Ukrainian side claimed to have destroyed 11 tanks, 9 drones and 7 artillery systems. North of Kharkiv, the “strategically important” village of Ruska Losowa was taken over. The Ukrainian army also blew up a railway bridge in the Donetsk region, as “Ukrajinska Pravda” wrote. A Russian freight train was hit. According to the Russian account, Ukraine also attacked the Russian region of Kursk near the border with grenades. Again and again, targets in Russia near the border were fired.

More bodies with signs of torture discovered near Bucha

According to Ukrainian sources, other bodies of civilians bearing signs of torture were found not far from the kyiv suburb of Bucha. The men found in a grave in the village of Myrozke were shot in the head, said the Ukrainian capital’s police chief, Andriy Nebytov. According to Nebytow, the eyes of the three dead men found near Bucha were blindfolded, and several of them were also gagged. According to the police chief, the corpses bore marks of long torture and bullet wounds on several parts of the body.

Bucha has become synonymous with alleged war crimes committed by Russian forces in Ukraine. The suburb was under the control of Russian troops for about four weeks. Police say around 400 bodies were discovered in and around Butscha after they left in late March.

Another Prisoner Exchange

According to reports from kyiv, 14 Ukrainians – seven civilians and seven military – have been released in a new prisoner exchange with Russia, according to Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Wereshchuk. There was no confirmation from the Russian side.

According to Vereshchuk, around 1,000 Ukrainian civilians and 700 servicemen are in Russian captivity. Ukraine took about 700 Russian soldiers as prisoners of war. Since the start of the Russian war of aggression against the neighboring country on February 24, Moscow and kyiv have exchanged prisoners several times.

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