Iberia pilot abandons passengers because he is going to be a father


by Roger Saha

All passengers are on board. Iberia Flight 438 is due to take off from Madrid in five minutes – one of the pilots says goodbye to everyone and leaves the Airbus A 319. Samuel Piñón now explains why he almost sprinted frantically out of the cockpit – and the reason is sweet as sugar.

A pilot storms out of the plane because he’s going to be a dad sooner than expected

Every day at 3:55 p.m., the Spanish domestic flight IB 438 connects Madrid to Bilbao. On April 20, Samuel Piñón was one of two pilots in the cockpit. But that day, shortly before departure, he received a call – he was going to be a dad any minute. Her daughter Rafaela was born earlier than expected. The Piñón pilot obviously did not hesitate to consult his airline, which was immediately looking for a replacement pilot. In fact, he is there right away, takes the empty pilot’s seat – and the plane lands at its destination in Bilbao a few minutes late.

At the time, Samuel was already in the hospital awaiting the birth of his daughter. And what would have happened if there had been no backup pilot? “Otherwise I would have done the flight, of course,” reports Piñón on his Twitter account. The new dad received a lot of applause for his action on the Twitter platform.

Pilot Samuel Piñón thanks Twitter

Pilot Samuel Piñón shows online why he was in such a hurry: his daughter Rafaela.

© Twitter/ samupinon

The pilot wrote on Twitter: “I apologize to the passengers of flight IB438.” The pilot’s tweet has nearly 10,000 likes: “Thank you for all the affection. I would like to respond to you individually, as you deserve, but I hope you will excuse me: at the moment my attention is on Rafaela and his mother”, Pilote Piñón greets the Internet community.

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Do airlines still have reserve crews?

Was it actually a coincidence that the airline Iberia had a replacement pilot on standby, so to speak? Nope! Almost all airlines have so-called reserve crews. If there is a delay, a crew member becomes ill or there are other problems, airlines activate pilots and/or cabin crew members to avoid cancellations as much as possible. Some of these crew members are waiting at the airport and can therefore intervene immediately. However, it is very, very rare that a replacement pilot is called because a colleague is going to be a father. (Research RTL.news/ Twitter/ Faro de Vigo)

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