His daughter Anna Ermakova in shock after the verdict

Anna Ermakova had hoped until the end that her father Boris Becker would not have to go to prison.Picture: dpa / Ursula Düren

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The heavy sentence Judge Deborah Taylor handed down at Southwark Crown Court on Friday against tennis legend Boris Becker has moved the public. The turnout is huge. However, that doesn’t change the verdict – and his daughter Anna Ermakova is shocked that her father has to go to jail.

Indeed, the 22-year-old young woman would have done everything so that her father did not have to be in prison, as she revealed in the photo. She had even written to the court. Vain.

As with every meeting, Becker appeared on Friday accompanied by his partner Lilian De Carvalho Monteiro.

As with every meeting, Becker appeared on Friday accompanied by his partner Lilian De Carvalho Monteiro.Picture: photo alliance / Photoshot

Tennis legend Boris Becker is due in jail. On Friday, a London court sentenced him to two and a half years in prison for several bankruptcy offences. The 54-year-old must serve half before he can spend the rest on free probationas Judge Deborah Taylor ruled at Southwark Crown Court.

Daughter Anna: “I will visit her as soon as I can”

His daughter Anna Ermakova is stunned, as she tells ‘Bild’: “I am really in shock that my father was sentenced to two years and six months.” She will visit her father as soon as she can. After the verdict was announced, the 22-year-old took a deep look into her emotional world and expressed her concerns about her brother Amadeus, who was just 12 years old:

“I helped as best I could. I wrote a letter to the court to express my concern for my little half-brother Amadeus. He is only 12 years old and will now have to go without a figure father who is at a difficult time in his development, he will miss it. It’s not fair to him. It’s going to be hard for Amadeus.”

The verdict does not just leave the family stunned.

After his conviction, Boris Becker also received a lot of sympathy from other celebrities. “I feel sorry for Boris,” said former football manager Reiner Calmund. “Boris survived the toughest matches. I wish him to master this time as well.”

The world of tennis continues to support Boris Becker and honors his successes

The German Tennis Association (DTB) also wants to continue to support the three-time Wimbledon winner: “We take note of the verdict with respect and regret and wish him all the best in the near future”, said the president of the association. Dietloff von Arnim at Friday in Munich. “We are on his side.”

Becker was immediately taken into custody on Friday. He now has 28 days to appeal the verdict. “Boris Becker was everyone’s idol,” fashion designer Harald Glööckler of “Bild” said. “It didn’t matter if you could do anything with tennis or not, you took care of it. It was literally lifted into the sky – and now the fall to infinity.” TV presenter Verona Pooth also wished Becker lots of strength.

“Boris Becker has been an integral part of the German tennis family for decades. His merits are and will remain unique,” said DTB President von Arnim. Becker has done great things nationally and internationally in tennis. “Most recently he supported the German Tennis Association as responsible for men’s tennis in the competitive and youth sports sector and proved to be a major asset and sponsor of our sport during this time.”

DTB chairman Dietloff von Anim continues to support Becker.

DTB chairman Dietloff von Anim continues to support Becker.Image: dpa / Sven Hoppe

“I wish he had been spared”

German tennis player Oscar Otte, who reached the semi-finals of the ATP tournament in Munich on Friday, said Becker’s sentencing was a shame and sad “because he is the legend of tennis in Germany – and he did Germany’s tennis Germany’s tennis with his performance”.

Moderator Jörg Kachelmann tweeted: “I wish he had been spared. I hope all his relatives will continue to support him.”

At least that wish should come true.

As with every meeting, Becker appeared on Friday accompanied by his partner Lilian De Carvalho Monteiro; the couple held hands as they walked past dozens of photographers and cameramen in the court. Becker’s eldest son, Noah, was carrying a packed duffel bag, which was placed with Becker in the display case in which the accused was to remain.

Widespread sympathy is certainly helpful for the family. His daughter Anna Ermakova is grateful for this in her Instagram story, among other things. There she writes: “Thank you for all the support.”

Dishonesty in bankruptcy proceedings caused Becker’s loss

Becker, who lives in London, was declared bankrupt by the court in 2017. He then had to disclose his assets to the insolvency administrators – but according to the court he omitted important parts. A jury found the German guilty on four out of 24 counts three weeks ago.

About half the time, Boris Becker has to serve a prison sentence.

About half the time, Boris Becker has to serve a prison sentence.Image: NurPhoto / Wiktor Szymanowicz

The lay judges concluded that Becker concealed property in his hometown of Leimen (Baden-Württemberg) worth around 1.2 million euros, illegally transferred a total of 427,000 euros to other accounts and shares of an artificial intelligence company worth 78,600 euros and a loan debt of 825,000 euros. The London judge’s verdict followed on Friday.

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