Harsh criticism after mediocre ratings – “RTL gets the acknowledgement”

In the live “DSDS” broadcasts, RTL relies on guest judges: Here Sarah Lombardi.Image: RTL+


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Wasn’t this personal decision a good idea after all? Last year, RTL surprisingly decided to Dieter Bohlen as juror for “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” and “Das Supertalent”. RTL justified its decision by saying it wanted to give the programs a new image. The Cologne broadcaster plans to make them more family-friendly.

But RTL did the math without the viewers. The first season of “Das Supertalent” without Dieter Bohlen last year failed so colossally that the format went on hiatus in 2022 – for the first time in 14 years. “DSDS” probably won’t meet this fate, as open casting for the upcoming season has already begun, but the casting isn’t looking good either: ratings for the 19th season are worse than ever.

RTL is now actively trying to counteract this in the current “DSDS” edition – probably with this strategy: While the casting and callback jury consisted of three people with Florian Silbereisen, Toby Gad and Ilse DeLange, the trio will be complemented by a guest judge at each of the four live shows. In the first show, Thomas Anders took over this work, followed by Sarah Engels and in the third show, “Let’s Dance” chief judge Joachim Llambi is expected to complete the jury.

“DSDS”: Invited jurors are just “plaster politics” for media pundits

The commitment of Joachim Llambi as a “DSDS” juror is surprising in this context. After all, Bohlen was fired primarily because of his harsh judgments and nasty lyrics. However, Llambi is also known on “Let’s Dance” for not being put off by contestants.

Ferris Bühler est expert des médias et animateur du podcast PR history radar“.” data-link=”/u/zoom?url=/imgdb/115d/Qx,B,0,0,2449,1632,1020,680,408,272/3110293593456153&caption=Ferris Bühler ist Medienexperte und Host des PR-Podcasts “StoryRadar“.&source=Bild: Thomas Buchwalder”/>

Ferris Bühler is a media expert and host of the PR podcast “StoryRadar”.Image: Thomas Buchwalder

The suspicion is that RTL finds the new jury of “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” too “good”. Media expert Ferris Bühler also has this impression:

“With RTL’s decision to bring Joachim Llambi as a guest judge on ‘DSDS’, the station is once again trying to spice things up. Ideally, the station can make up for the loss of Bohlen with another well-known RTL face.”

Sarah Engels finished second in 2011

Sarah Engels was second in “DSDS” in 2011.RTL / Thomas Pritschet

In his opinion, however, guest judges are just “plaster politics” and it would be better if the broadcaster were among the regular judges. “Set exciting and edgy personalities, who certainly offend with their opinion.” According to Bühler, this would bring back the old characteristics of the show and keep or even bring back a large regular audience.

The media expert sees another problem:

“Constantly new faces as guest jurors may provide a topic of conversation for the public for a short time, but they confuse loyal audiences. Ideally, the core jury is so good and strong that they can get by without guests. “

Thomas Anders sat in the first

Thomas Anders participated in the first live broadcast “DSDS” as a guest juror of the jury.Ben Wolf

The problem of “DSDS”: The seasoning is missing

However, it is debatable whether a constellation of jurors could make up for the loss of Dieter Bohlen, as media pundit Ferris Bühler also told Watson: “Dieter Bohlen has shaped ‘DSDS’ as its main protagonist for almost two decades – an incredible length of time in fast-paced showbiz.” For many loyal “DSDS” fans, the cast spectacle is unimaginable without Bohlen, after all, the pop titan’s lyrics were an essential entertainment element of the show, Bühler explains and abruptly adds:

“With RTL’s decision to make the talent show more family-friendly and dispense with boards in the future, it was foreseeable that the show would lose a large proportion of viewers. With the season of ‘DSDS’ with audiences the lowest, RTL now receives the reward for these decisions.”

Dieter Bohlen was dismissed as a juror by RTL in 2021.

Dieter Bohlen was dismissed as a juror by RTL in 2021.Image: imago stock&people / Future Image

Finally, Ferris Bühler makes an interesting analogy: “It’s comparable to when the starred chef of your favorite restaurant is gone overnight: Suddenly the once spicy soup tastes bland and lacks spiciness – the food becomes average and there is no reason to visit.” And it is precisely there that he sees the basic problem of the current “DSDS” season: it simply lacks seasoning.

On Instagram, pop titan Dieter Bohlen regularly engages his more than 1.5 million followers with new musical projects and his private life – it’s often very relaxed, because the 68-year-old doesn’t take himself never too seriously.

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