“Grill den Henssler” with Mario Barth: Rach the dupe – TV

With this note, Henssler almost tore the hat string.

A 100% male duel awaited viewers of “Grill den Henssler” on Sunday evening. Television chef Steffen Henssler (49) had only one opponent in this special: his mate and comedian Mario Barth (49).

Host Laura Wontorra (33) predicted a real “testosterone tsunami”: “The duel of alpha males, that’s what we can call it tonight.”

Neither of them had found out what was brewing until the show started – Barth chimed in at Henssler, “It’s my heart of gold because I just want to give you a chance.”

Laura Wontorra looks over Mario Barth's shoulderFoto: Frank W. Hempel/RTL

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Laura Wontorra looks over Mario Barth’s shoulderPhoto: Frank W. Hempel/RTL

During the Corona pandemic, he had spent a lot of time serving food in his professional kitchen and felt he was up to his opponent Henssler: “If I win this thing here, then I will drive through Germany for the whole a year and I’ll say: Have you seen that? I’ll also give subscriptions to all my friends so they can see it in the media library.

After preparing the starter “Beef soup with marrow dumplings and egg cream”, the comedian suddenly became very docile again after tasting his own dish: “It really sucks. It tastes really bad.

However, judges Christian Rach (64), Reiner Calmund (73) and Mirja Boes (50) still secured a tie after the first round of cooking with their scores. After the main course “Breaded cutlet with pointed cabbage and potatoes”, Barth was even in the lead with 48 to 43 points – and Henssler saw his skins fly away.

For the ‘Quark balls with raspberry sauce’ dessert, he went to great lengths and had a cola brought from Zivi Howan (21) for an extra energy boost. Barth sensed suspicion – and a secret ingredient: “Is he trying to cheat with Cola?”

Comedian Martio Barth dares the raspberry blenderFoto: Frank W. Hempel/RTL

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Comedian Martio Barth dares the raspberry blenderPhoto: Frank W. Hempel/RTL

But Henssler didn’t seem to need it at all, he was literally in love with his own quark balls. As he took it out of the oven, he boasted: “It’s the ten!” Thrice ! In his head, he already saw himself as a best-selling author: “Kick my ass. I’m making a dessert cookbook!”

However, Mario Barth was not at all happy with his result and tried to take his doubts with humor: “They are still soft inside. I have a whole new procedure. Like a lava cake, still liquid inside. Meanwhile, Henssler was eagerly awaiting exuberant praise from the jury, but Michelin-starred chef Christian Rach didn’t seem at all enthusiastic about his red plate: “I’m worried about the whole evening.” What can I say ? The red plate was still trying…”

Tough culinary duel: Henssler versus BarthFoto: Frank W. Hempel/RTL

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Tough culinary duel: Henssler versus BarthPhoto: Frank W. Hempel/RTL

Henssler caught the anger, he shouted behind his wall: “Dude, you’re talking shit!” But Rach wasn’t done yet – and continued talking undeterred: “What the hell should I say big about the red plate?! That’s a whopping ten points from me. Fluffy and light, nice dark crust all around, nicely worked with vanilla.

Laura Wontorra had a lot of fun: “You have deceived us all! Steffen Henssler showed sincere remorse and apologized to the tough juror: “I’m taking it all back. Rach then even defended his love for Henssler’s dessert in front of Reiner Calmund, who only gave the plate seven points: “What do you have to complain about with the dumpling?” You can’t do better!”

For Steffen Henssler, the cottage cheese balls with raspberry sauce tipped the scales towards a narrow victory. With 72 to 69 points, he triumphed over Mario Barth and was allowed to stamp “Grilled” on his photo.

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