German Chancellor: Scholz defends his Ukrainian policy

Status: 01/05/2022 02:05

Anxious and lethargic – Chancellor Scholz must listen to harsh criticism of his Ukrainian policy. He has now vigorously denied the allegations in an interview. He was wary of hasty action, he said.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz has defended himself against accusations that he acts with too much hesitation and fear in his Ukrainian policy in the face of Russian aggression. “I make my decisions quickly – and in coordination with our allies. I am wary of hasty actions and Germans going it alone,” Scholz told “Bild am Sonntag”.

CDU leader Friedrich Merz had accused the Chancellor of being anxious and hesitant about German arms deliveries to kyiv. Ukrainian Ambassador Andriy Melnyk also called Scholz’s policy slow. What was missing was imagination and courage. Scholz was undeterred by the attacks and made it clear he wanted to stick to his course: “I’m not scared enough to be impressed by such allegations.” At the same time, he stressed that harsh criticism of his decisions was legitimate.

Does the leopard follow the cheetah?

On Tuesday, the Federal Government approved the delivery of Gepard anti-aircraft tanks to the German arms industry. They are the first heavy weapons to be delivered directly from Germany to Ukraine. Before the war in Ukraine, the principle applied was not to deliver arms to crisis areas.

During a later visit to Japan, however, Scholz did not answer the question of whether the federal government would also approve the delivery of Leopard battle tanks, Marder infantry fighting vehicles or self-propelled howitzers requested by Ukraine.

The majority criticizes the work of the Chancellor

Even his personal poll, which is falling in popularity among citizens, does not make Scholz think again: “You should take note of the polls, but you must not make your actions depend on them, especially in matters of war and peace which would be extremely dangerous. ”

The work of Chancellor Olaf Scholz is viewed critically by a majority. This is the result of a representative survey carried out by infratest dimap for ARD DeutschlandTrend. Only 39% are currently satisfied with his job, his lowest figure since he took over as chancellor. At the same time, the actions of the Federal Chancellor appear cautious to a majority, but also unconvincing in terms of communication. Currently, 64% of respondents think the Chancellor is acting cautiously.

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