For Jo Gerner, a birthday is all or nothing


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Since 1993 and Episode 185, Wolfgang Bahro has been on camera as Jo Gerner for GZSZ. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s the loving head of the family, a vengeful and unscrupulous villain, a cunning rascal or Germany’s best lawyer – Jo Gerner has many faces. GZSZ’s 30th anniversary story revolves around Gerner and it’s all there! Jo is on the run and in hiding. The motto: never underestimate a Gerner. We’re already revealing what fans can expect.

Wolfgang Bahro: “However, his face is a bit damaged for the special”

For the big anniversary of GZSZ, which May 12 from 7:40 p.m. in feature film on RTL, a campaign motif must not be missing. You can see it from today and it gives an idea that it’s all or nothing for Jo Gerner this time. Especially its unusual appearance on the subject is immediately noticeable. Wolfgang Bahro reveals: “Jo Gerner can have several faces if he wishes. However, his face is a bit damaged for the stage because he suffered some injuries while fleeing.” The GZSZ star tells us the content: “Gerner is accused of a crime he did not commit. As he is chased by the police as well as Linostrami (Matthias Unger) and his henchmen, he tries to find evidence to convict the real perpetrator. In doing so, he puts himself in life-threatening situations!”

GZSZ’s big birthday is all or nothing for Rolle Jo Gerner…

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Attention, GZSZ XXL spoiler! New content for the anniversary episode

Gerner hid trying to escape. All the evidence speaks against him, the world thinks he’s the murderer of Miriam (Sara Fuchs) – even Yvonne doubts his innocence. Only Katrin (Ulrike Frank) supports him, but she can’t do more for him either. While Yvonne (Gisa Zach) does not yet suspect that she will soon lose her beloved husband, he realizes that Linostrami’s arm has reached the top of the LKA. Who will believe it now? As he continues to search for evidence, Gerner finally realizes that Linostrami is a real psychopath. Yvonne must soon painfully realize that Gerner was innocent the entire time. But by then it had already happened: Gerner died in a car chase…

In the video: Wolfgang Bahro talks more about the anniversary shoot

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