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Peace, social justice and solidarity: On Sunday, many people took to the streets in Lower Saxony under the slogan “GeMAInsam Shape the Future”.

According to the German Confederation of Trade Unions (DGB), around 29,000 people took part in more than 60 events. In Hanover alone there were 10,000 during the day, in Braunschweig 7,500. serious interest in the autonomy of collective bargaining should strengthen co-determination in companies. From his point of view, the employers’ associations would oppose it. In Wolfsburg, the designated federal boss of the DGB, Yasmin Fahimi, spoke to around 4,500 people. Given the high inflation, she warned against a slight increase in wages. Anyone who claims otherwise wants to know that the current crisis will be on the backs of employees through real wage losses.

THE AUDIO: DGB Demands May 1: “We Need a Load Balancer” (8 mins)

Central theme of the war in Ukraine

The protest against the war in Ukraine was one of the major concerns on Sunday. Payandeh said beforehand that the May protests “must send a signal for people’s deaths and suffering to stop”. The DGB wants to work so that all people have the opportunity to stay and be protected. War was also a problem in Hanover. In his speech, the national chairman of the construction, agriculture and environmental industry union (IG BAU), Robert Feiger, specifically addressed the real estate situation in Germany. Refugees also need apartments, but there has generally been a housing shortage for some time. Prices have risen disproportionately. “The fact that half of your hard-earned monthly income goes to rent is absurd,” Feiger said.

Caricature of a policeman bombarded with loaves of bread by protesting workers (probably around the turn of the 20th century)

VIDEO: Day of Workers’ Struggle on May 1 – a historical overview (11 min)

More than 60 gatherings in Lower Saxony

For the past two years, due to the corona pandemic, protests have mainly taken place digitally on May Day. “We have been in crisis mode for three years. First the pandemic with all its terrible consequences. And now this barbaric war,” Payandeh said in Hildesheim on Sunday. It’s time to make the country fairer, better and more sustainable. Other trade unionists made appearances and rallies in Hamelin, Oldenburg, Peine and Salzgitter. There were also representatives from IG Metall, IG BCE and the verdi service union.

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THE AUDIO: Knowledge of the world: May 1 (4 min)

“No social cuts to counter-finance the crises”

According to the DGB, climate protection, digitalization and globalization have a huge impact on work, life and consumption. This economic and social transformation can only be shaped successfully with strong co-management and a high level of collective bargaining coverage. According to the union federation, people need security, especially in times of crisis and times of change. Therefore, the DGB demands good qualifications for employees in the face of the challenges of a changing world of work and an activating labor market policy, the renewal of the security promise for a supportive welfare state with good pensions and full citizens’ and long-term care insurance. “We reject social cuts to counter-finance the current crises: social cuts are a danger to social cohesion and our democracy,” the appeal says.

2021: Attacks on police officers

Last year, there were several incidents related to protest actions: According to police reports, police officers were attacked during the protest march of the “Combative May Day Alliance” after preventing participants to take another route. An assailant has been arrested, police said. The police also intervened around events organized by the “lateral thinking” initiative. According to the police, three participants were assaulted by strangers on the sidelines of the meeting on the Trammplatz. Another “lateral thinking” event on the Göttinger Sieben square with 14 protesters ended prematurely. The background was the suspicion that the leader of the meeting wanted to free himself from the obligation to wear a medical mask with the help of an alleged false certificate.

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Historical illustration of the so-called Haymarket Riot in Chicago in May 1886. © picture alliance Photo: Everett Collection

In 1919, May Day became a public holiday for the first time in Germany. Labor Day has its roots in the United States. After

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