Cathy Hummels needs a break after Mats drama: ‘There were really a lot of headlines’

With this photo, Cathy and Mats Hummels showed that they still get along.Image: dpa / PARIS TSITSOS

Cathy Hummels gives her more than 680,000 Instagram followers a private glimpse into her life and discusses important topics such as depression in view of her own experiences. Over the past few weeks, however, there has been a completely different topic that has received a lot of attention. The trigger was a photo of former “GNTM” winner Céline Bethmann, which she shared on her profile. Amazingly, she tagged Mats Hummels and wrote, “Dinner Date.”

She later also posted a chat history which apparently showed a private conversation with the BVB kicker. Of course, the message did not escape Cathy Hummels. “Tonight I have a date with Ludwig,” she said later. Additionally, she used the hashtags “Love goes through the stomach” and “Germany’s Next Topmama,” which was probably to be understood as a dig at the winner of “GNTM.”

Cathy recently said in an interview with RTL when asked if it was difficult to read the articles about her and the rumors about Mats: “To be honest, I take everything with humor, my whole life. And I I’m a human being, it’s no matter what happens, I always try to see it in a positive light.” Now the mother-of-one has announced that she needs a break so she can take her fans with her through her daily routine as usual.

Cathy Hummels reveals how she feels

She finally wrote of various photos, some of which show a very pensive Cathy Hummels: “This week has been very exhausting. I have been working very hard because I am organizing something really wonderful.” Because I give so much strength to my plans, my dreams and I do everything myself, there is not so much time left in the day to relax. Because after work, I belong to my son.”

And further: “Long story short: I sat in front of the laptop today, got some work done and realized I just had to be offline on the weekend. Mom needs a break .” In a few days, she wants to start the new week with her community, but now she feels exhausted. “I don’t have the mental creativity to take you with me into my daily life as usual. Side fact: it doesn’t feel real. Ludwig also had many long, loud coughing spells this week and I had sleepless nights and a headache (concussion).”

As a result, the 34-year-old said to herself: “I need a weekend without social media, so that the mental (there were also a lot of headlines lately, it was impossible not to read them) and physical strength returns to my body. In the end, I always want to do you justice and motivate you, but how can I do that when I’m ‘tired’.”

Finally, she called on her followers to do the same“And remember: time is the most precious thing in the world. Recharge your batteries.” So far, over 6,700 people have liked the post, with over 200 comments. One user said, “That’s the way it should be. Time is very important. Enjoy your free time with your family and let your mind wander.” That’s how this user saw it: “You should treat yourself a lot more often.” Another pointed out, “You are so strong! It’s good that you are so open and do so much educational work.”


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