Buy PS5: Triple sale on Amazon – restocking still possible

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Recently, Amazon has been delighting many PS5 hunters with new consoles. There were declines in Germany, France and Great Britain. When will there be refills?

Update of April 30, 2022, 10:45 a.m.: Even after the mega drop at Amazon, last week had a lot to offer in terms of PS5. Optimistic tongues are already talking about a new wave of consoles. If the restocking renews in the coming week, there is a very good chance that the PS5 will be sold again on Amazon. Of course, there is no reliable information about it yet and there has also been no Prime review so far.

If, contrary to the hopes of many desperate buyers, the next wave PS5 doesn’t come, there are a few alternatives. Even on weekends, you can easily pick up a PlayStation 5 – provided you have the cash to spare. At select retailers like StockX or G2A, you can buy the PS5 guaranteed – and now.

Update of 04/28/2022, 07:45: After yesterday’s big wave of declines, shipping giant Amazon is likely to remain calm until next month. But the good thing is that next month will start in a few days.

And that doesn’t necessarily mean the PS5 slump is going to start again. There are still chances of restocking this week. For a full overview of the current supply situation and all relevant PlayStation 5-related developments, we recommend checking out our PS5 live ticker.

Console name Playstation 5 (PS5)
Maker Sony Interactive Entertainment (YOU)
Type Fixed game console
generation 09th console generation
storage medium Blu-Ray, SSD
Release November 19, 2020

Buy PS5: Guten Tag on Amazon – In Germany, France, Great Britain

Update of 04/27/2022, 10:10 a.m.: At Amazon, the thing seems to be gone for now. Thousands of consoles have been sold across Europe. We hope you have succeeded. PS5 hunters are now turning to Euronics. There could be a drop right away. Details can be found here: Euronics is currently very hot – the supply situation on April 27th.

Update of 04/27/2022, 09:48: The decline in Germany is done for now. But France is following suit. Here is the link to the console:

  • Order PS5 Disk Edition on Amazon France

Update of 04/27/2022, 09:40: There seems to be a big offer! The console is still available. However, only those who haven’t bought PS5 from Amazon before can buy it. Good news for those who don’t have a PS5 yet.

Buy PS5: Germany is now down

Update of 04/27/2022, 09:34: The PS5 at Amazon Germany is here! The digital edition is available! I wish you success:

  • Buy the PS5 Digital Edition from Amazon*

Update of 04/27/2022, 09:33: If the drop starts right away in Germany, then make sure you only receive the console by clicking on “All offers” on the right side.

Buy PS5: Here you will find the “All offers” button on Amazon


Buy PS5: First delivery on Amazon UK

Update of 04/27/2022, 09:27: It’s happening in Great Britain! The digital edition surfaced in the UK. Here the link:

  • Order PS5 Digital Edition from Amazon UK

Update of 04/27/2022, 09:26: The decline of the United Kingdom seems to be over. There were tons of consoles to buy. I hope this bodes well for Germany.

Update of 04/27/2022, 09:11: The first drop on Amazon is here! However, not in Germany, but in Great Britain. But don’t worry: shipping to Germany is no problem. The only difference is the power cable, but you can buy an adapter for it. Here is the link to the sale:

  • Order PS5 Disk Edition from Amazon UK

Update of 04/27/2022, 09:04: So far, everything is calm at Amazon. Maybe just the calm before the storm? Things are going to get really exciting in the next few minutes!

Update of 04/27/2022, 08:52: Another small Tip: Put the PS5 Digital Edition on your Amazon wishlist now. If there are any problems or the product pages are busy later, you can try adding the corresponding PS5 product to the shopping cart. It’s also better to use a browser and not the official Amazon app because you can update product pages there faster.

Update of 04/27/2022, 08:48: Should it actually start straight away on Amazon – here are the most important known links for the shipping giant’s PS5:

The digital edition is probably the most interesting (for now).

Buy PS5: Tips for buying consoles on Amazon

Update of 04/27/2022, 08:45: Here are some tips if you want to try your luck at Amazon FR and/or UK:

  • You MUST be a Prime member – explicitly in the respective country (i.e. France or Great Britain), with a FR or UK account (registered with a UK or FR email address). A Prime membership in Germany is NOT sufficient.
  • Delivery to Germany is problem-free.
  • When buying in the UK, shipping and import charges are added to the regular purchase price. You should see exactly how much at the end of checkout. Amazon usually calculates this immediately and you can pay for it all at once.
  • You will need a different mains adapter or cable for the UK version as the UK version uses a different plug. With a FR console, there should be no problems.
  • If something is wrong with the console and you wish to send it back, you will need to send it back to Amazon UK or FR.

Update of 04/27/2022, 07:20: Amazon should get very hot today – and not just here in Germany. The notorious notice for Prime customers with the PS5 Digital Edition appeared last night on Amazon DE. This strongly suggests a decline today, April 27th. Incidentally, the notice has appeared ONLY with the digital edition so far – not with the disc version or any bundle either (Ratchet & Clank has it for a long time).

There is therefore a high probability that a sale will take place on Amazon Germany between 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. today. But it’s best to keep a close eye on the dealer from 8:30 a.m. It’s still unclear if the potential sale will really only feature the PS5 Digital Eiditon. Maybe the disc version or the bundles could be sold as well.

A Prime subscription is mandatory for the purchase of the PS5 on Amazon! However, you can try Amazon Prime free for 30 days (if you haven’t already) and then easily cancel again. And speaking of Amazon: a PS5 sale is also set to take place on Amazon FR today, and there are also rumors of a possible drop on Amazon UK.

Original message of April 26, 2022: Hamburg – Sony’s PS5 has been missing from Amazon for a few weeks. However, the console may now be available again soon. There are some hints about the dealership and the general development in Germany. Amazon has been one of the safest places for the PS5 so far, and thousands of consoles have been drip-sold. We show you the current situation and explain why Amazon may sell the PS5 soon.

Buy PS5: Amazon with best chances of restocking – the current situation

When was the last time the PS5 was around? The last drop on Amazon was on March 30. There, many consoles were sold in batches. Since then, everything has become calm and no refueling has been seen. Here are the links to the consoles on Amazon:

Why is Amazon so hot right now? At Amazon there is usually a restock once a month. Amazon hasn’t had consoles in nearly a month, so a drop is likely. In addition, there are currently many in Europe with the PS5 on Amazon. The mail-order company in France has announced deliveries for April 27. Incidentally, these consoles can also be delivered to Germany.

In addition, the replenishment speed of the competition speaks of an imminent drop. More and more retailers are stocking up on a regular basis, and it’s hard to imagine that Amazon, as a huge mail-order company, won’t be able to stock up on consoles. A drop is very likely on Wednesday, as it is Amazon’s restock day.

Buy PS5: Restocking on the way to Amazon? Those clues are there.

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Buy PS5: Restock only for Prime members – you should know that

Here’s how a drop on Amazon works: Amazon’s consoles are only distributed to Prime customers. So you have to take out a subscription if you want Sony’s PS5. You can register here :

  • You can try Amazon Prime free for 30 days*

If not, it’s worth putting all the console bundles on Amazon’s wishlist. In some cases, a sale is possible before anything else. The bottom line is that speed is what matters here too. Only the fastest get the PS5. All of the information on the drops can be found in our live ticker on the PS5 situation.

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