Boris Becker: what awaits the fallen hero in prison – news

Becker will likely spend the next few months in Wandsworth Prison in London. It is considered particularly difficult because the guards are strict. Boris Becker is treated like everyone else, but the guards keep a close eye on him.

Lawyer: Possible “failure to fame”

You know other celebrities who have served prison sentences that there is no bonus, but you have to be careful that there is no sentence“Criminal lawyer Werner Leitner, who represents top athletes and others in public, said on Saturday. Becker, for example, must be careful that no photos are sent.”Or that fellow inmates report their first day with Mr. Becker to the newspapers“, said Leitner.

Loss of freedom particularly hurts celebrities

Such imprisonment is an exceptional psychological situation for everyone, not just for celebrities. No cell phone, no internet. Everyone handles the loss of freedom differently. For a celebrity with certain privileges, that’s usually particularly bad.

Even being unfit does something to you“, says Leitner. For example, the time to eat and shower is prescribed. “This can be dramatic for anyone, but the celebrity may have a different daily routine that isn’t as regulated as a normal worker.

Many now think of Boris Becker. Just like Marc-Kevin Goellner, who played with him in doubles and in the Davis Cup:

“It’s a situation that no one has ever experienced and it will be difficult to give him advice. We can only wish him courage and that he remains mentally strong.”
Marc-Kevin Goellner, Becker’s former tennis partner

A series of fallen sports heroes

Some sports heroes have already ended up in prison, like the soccer star OJ Simpson or the former world heavyweight champion mike tyson. In Germany, boxer Felix Sturm and former national footballer and ex-FC Bayern Munich coach Uli Hoeneß spent time in prison.

Uli Hoeneß was imprisoned for almost two years for tax evasion amounting to 28.5 million euros. After being relieved, he landed on his feet. And that could also be the case for Boris Becker. “I remember one who took it as a Buddhist retreat that others pay a lot of money forsaid the famous lawyer Leitner, “and he was very renewed.

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