Because of the war in Ukraine: Hofreiter attacks Alice Schwarzer – domestic politics

You have sparked a new debate on arms deliveries to Ukraine: 28 celebrities warn Chancellor Olaf Scholz (63, SPD) against sending heavy equipment to the war zone!

Among the celebrities: women’s rights activist Alice Schwarzer (79), actor Lars Eidinger (46), writer Juli Zeh (47). Their reasoning included: The delivery of tanks, etc. would only prolong the war.

In the BILD lecture “The Right Questions” (still on Sunday evenings on BILD on TV), Schwarzer repeated his controversial thesis: “We have had peace so far. In any case, we now have the very real threat of nuclear war. We have to weigh this very carefully!

The head of the Europe Committee in the Bundestag, Anton Hofreiter (52, Greens), is dying: “Who had peace? In the Ukrainian regions, people did not have peace.

And: “It’s time we let go of our arrogance, our hubris and believe those directly affected.”

Schwarzer responds indignantly, “It’s not right for you to act as an advocate for all the victims!”

But Hofreiter does not accept this: “As far as I know, the Ukrainians offered Putin very ambitious compromises. Only Putin did not accept any compromise. He demands the complete destruction of Ukraine, complete capitulation.

Then climbing!

Schwarzer says to Hofreiter: “I would like to draw your attention to the fact that negotiations are indeed taking place between Russia and the United States!”

Hofreiter: “What you are saying here is 1 on 1 Russian propaganda!”

The tough talk of the year – now the poison darts are flying! When Schwarzer is asked what she would say to victims of rape by Russian soldiers, she fires full force at Hofreiter: “There, you see me in the front line! I am for stopping it. And that’s the difference between us, Herr Hofreiter!

The environmental politician was stunned: “To be honest, it’s already daring.

Singer-songwriter Reinhard Mey is one of the signatories of the campaignFoto: picture alliance / dpa

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Singer-songwriter Reinhard Mey is one of the signatories of the campaignPhoto: photo alliance / dpa

This is the goal of the EMMA campaign

Alice Schwarzer published her magazine “EMMA” with the title: “Peace now! hero? No thanks!”

She called for “a Ukraine without NATO and a special status for Donbass”. Schwarzer was worried about the current situation: “It also drags Russia into the abyss. And it threatens the West. There is only one way: to negotiate. Now!”

Finally, the signatures of all 28 celebrities were collected – until publication on Friday.

“Without weapons, more people suffer”

The appeal of 28 German celebrities against the arms deliveries provokes the total incomprehension of the Ukrainians!

Weslana (33) had to flee Mariupol with her three children, her house was destroyed, her husband Wadim (34) has been resisting for weeks in the besieged steelworks of Azov.

BILD journalist Filipp Piatov with Weslana from MariupolFoto: Lars Berg

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BILD journalist Filipp Piatov with Weslana from MariupolPhoto: Lars Berg

“We need weapons to defend our borders and liberate the soldiers, the wounded and the civilians from the Azov steelworks!” Weslana said. Without help for Ukraine, Putin’s “bloody hands” would soon reach Europe. And then not only Ukrainians will suffer, but even more countries and people. »

Chancellor Scholz (63, SPD) also dismissed the call from celebrities: “Overwhelmed.” It must sound “cynical” to Ukrainians if they are told to defend themselves unarmed against Putin’s army.

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