‘Beat the Star’ Viewers Wonder About Pants

Frederick Lau wins the €100,000, before that he had to fend off two match points for Marteria.photo: ProSieben screenshot

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Dirk Krampitz

Actor Frederick Lau was due to face footballer Max Kruse in ‘Schlag den Star’ at the end of January. But shortly before the show he tested positive for Corona. “In the car, I was told: I’m positive. I thought it was a joke.” Back home, he took another test, which came back negative. “I don’t know what to think about that.” Either way, he’s here a quarter of a year later. But he didn’t use the extra time to prepare. “To be honest, I didn’t prepare at all,” he freely admits. At the time, he also did not watch the show that Steven Gätjen substituted for him.

“I couldn’t. My heart was bleeding. If you don’t get the part, you don’t watch the movie.”

Frederic Lau

But maybe he’s just stacking deep when it comes to getting ready. His wife, presenter Annika Lau, reveals: “Freddy is extremely fit – he’s been training a lot.” But it was for something else. Now he’s taking on rapper Marteria. The two know each other. “We are brothers too, we love each other, we accept each other,” says Marteria.

crown again

Campino cancels via video greeting.

Campino cancels via video greeting.photo: ProSieben screenshot

Marteria (Rostock) and Die Toten Hosen (Düsseldorf) have just recorded the songs “Scheiss Wessis” and “Scheiss Ossis” at East-West clichés. Marteria is not only a candidate for “Schlag den Star”, he also presents his song during a studio performance. In fact, the Toten Hosen should also be there and play their counterpart. But: “During the routine check, one of us tested positive for Corona. We would have sucked. We wish you a lot of fun. Sorry again that we cannot come,” Campino reports in a video message .

Confessions of Marteria

Frederick Lau, Marteria and Elton chat on the way to the studio.

Frederick Lau, Marteria and Elton chat on the way to the studio.photo: ProSieben screenshot

During a conversation on the way to the outdoor game outside the studio, Marteria reveals that he avoids karaoke and is surprisingly bad. “I hate karaoke. I lost my own song at karaoke once.” He also likes that Elton calls him by his rapper name quite often. The East German rapper also has a fun new handle: “Kanye Ost.” He is usually in a talkative mood and also later says that he is a neighbor of Sophia Thomalla and that they see each other every day.

Mysterious spider car

It was tight: Frederick Lau rolls towards Elton.

It was tight: Frederick Lau rolls towards Elton.photo: ProSieben screenshot

“We only have one of the devices, don’t overdo it,” Elton Marteria brakes ahead of his first lap in the Swincar, which Elton and commentator Ron Ringguth also refer to as the “spider car”. Has ProSieben cut the budget, or why is there only one of these extremely single wheel suspension electric buggies? When Elton realizes the comment is somehow funny during a race, he says. “Well, stop driving.” Strange too: practically every three laps, the assistants rush and have fun with a pump on the tires of the vehicle. Has the car tire punctured? The air in the hose should probably last more than three turns. Finally, an accident almost happened: Frederick Lau rolls towards Elton and almost rivets him. Fortunately, a mound of dirt slows his journey.

Frederick Lau irritated

After the two candidates take the competitions lightly at first, Frederick Lau’s bad mood rises in tennis. After a ball that the referee has given an “out”, he begins to discuss and demand slow motion.

But much more than with the reprimands of his referee, Lau annoys with his pants. Sometimes one leg of the shorts hangs much higher than the other, sometimes it has both legs rolled up to look like hot pants.

The biggest mistake

Marteria thinks this is a childish image of Angela Merkel.

Marteria thinks this is a childish image of Angela Merkel.photo: ProSieben screenshot

A black and white photo of the child is displayed. Marteria hesitates briefly, then presses and believes: “Angela Merkel”. Error. It’s Joey Kelly. The rapper burst out laughing. “It’s practically the same thing, aren’t they both ultramarathoners?” If you look at Angela Merkel’s political stamina, she is undoubtedly right.

Perpetual annoying advertising

Anger at too much publicity is part of the folklore of viewers of ProSieben broadcasts. But this time, the broadcaster inappropriately interrupts as often as he rarely does: Four times the advertisements are placed in the middle of the games alone. In the Patschehandchen game, even Marteria gets fed up when Elton announces a commercial break. “We just have rubber hands…” Elton once ironically apologizes: “We have to advertise, but the viewers are happy because they can earn something.”

Because ProSieben pulls all publicity mercilessly before midnight if possible, Elton stands alone on stage before the last game, without his contestants, who are constantly drinking in view of the sweaty sports matches. “I’m standing here like a balancing mass. They both left me and went to the bathroom. Actually, I have to do that too, but that would be really stupid.”

All 15 games

It starts with climbing the electric wall.

It starts with climbing the electric wall.photo: ProSieben screenshot

The wall: Climb an assembly line climbing wall, which also continues to be sloping. Rostock rapper Marteria asks: “A wall – is it because of east-west?” Frederick Lau wins: 1-0

Who was it? Photos of children and young people of celebrities, who recognizes Günter Jauch, Arnold Schwarzenegger? Frederick Lau extends his lead to 3:0

Balloons: Take turns holding a ball in a cage in the air, whoever lets it touch the ground loses. Marteria draws 3:3 with a lot of physical effort

Sound-image scissors: Objects are shown, other objects are spoken. Who can remember sound-image pairs? Frederick Lau wins 7:3

Swincar: Who will do the fastest lap in the spider car? Marteria rides much faster and bolder and takes the lead 7:8

To go upstairs: Sprint about 12 meters up the stairs faster than your opponent. Lau easily wins all four rounds. 13:8

You only see that at Easter: blowing eggs.

You only see that at Easter: blowing eggs.photo: ProSieben screenshot

Blow the eggs: Who is the fastest to blow ten pre-drilled eggs? Strange timing two weeks after Easter such a game. Lau wins 20:8

Mini-tennis: Tennis on a small court. Frederick Lau gives everything, claims and wins. 28:8

Blame or perceive: What is the eve of May 1 called? Who plays the new Batman? Marteria Shortens Legendary Knowledge Game at 28:17

Clap your hands: Use elastic rubber hands to fish playing cards off the table in front of your opponent. Passionate Angler Marteria Casts Sticky Hands More Accurately 28:27

Skateboard Throw: Throw a tennis ball over a bar while riding a longboard, catch it again and cross the finish line. “We’re going to stuff our ass here”, speculates Frederick Lau and really falls. But not bad. Elton curtly: “We have a very, very good doctor here.” Marteria takes the lead 28:38

Draining the water: Empty a certain amount of water from a pot of floating balls without dropping a single ball. Frederick Lau with a macho saying about cooking pots: “I’ve never had anything like this in my hands.” Therefore, it also loses 28:50

Assign to: for example, events and place (IFA and Berlin), cities and countries (Luanda and Angola) and toys and origin (Tamagotchi and Japan). Lau can fend off first match point 41:50

Corner Ball: Toss a rubber ball with double wedge attachments into a trash can from three different positions. Lau is able to fend off the second match point and takes a 55:50 lead heading into the final game

Lau wins trembling

The two candidates fight quite a bit with the medicine ball.

The two candidates fight quite a bit with the medicine ball.photo: ProSieben screenshot

hold the ball: From a seated position, keep a medicine ball in the air with your feet longer than your opponent. Frederick Lau starts shaking in his legs surprisingly quickly, while Marteria remains calm for the time being. But after a minute and a half Marteria stretches his legs more and more and after two minutes and ten seconds his ball finally falls to the ground. Lau wins the game, the show and the suitcase with 100,000 euros.

On June 4, Charlotte Würdig will face Jannine Michaelsen in “Schlag den Star”.

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