Bastian Bielendorfer on “Let’s Dance”-Aus: “Completely absurd”

Bastian Bielendorfer and Ekaterina Leonova were now to leave the series.Image: Joshua Sammer/Getty Images

Bastian Bielendorfer and Ekaterina Lenova were elected at the end of the ninth live show of “Let’s Dance”. The comedian failed to convince the jury and the public with his freestyle mix of rumba, tango, slowfox and contemporary. For her “Magic Moment”, there was a lot of criticism from the jury team. Before the performance, he said: “By the time ‘Let’s Dance’ ends, I will have reached 20 points. The message is don’t give up.” But that shouldn’t happen anymore.

Jorge González said: “We’re on show nine, we can see you’ve learned to move. It’s great, you’re trying. But we’re almost in the final. You have to be honest, you did something that you What can I tell you? You have moved. Motsi Mabuse said: “Actually I think you showed what you can do but the breaks and the transitions bothered me.”

Joachim Llambi was even clearer and said: “We are already in the round of 16 with the best six dancers. The final is in three weeks. The good ones have to be in the final. I found the performance very simply structured today. today. Unfortunately it was sometimes as steep as last week.” Now Bastian spoke in an interview with RTL and came to his own conclusion “Let’s Dance”.

Bastian Bielendorfer speaks openly about his weaknesses

The comedian finally told the station, “God, I can’t dance, you don’t have to pretend.” Ekaterina Lenova interrupted him and added: “Now we can talk about it openly.” And he did. The 37-year-old said: “I might be a very entertaining person, I got people having fun, but I can’t dance. That I managed to almost make it to the finals of a dance show is just completely absurd.”

The two can no longer fight for the title

The two can no longer compete for the title of “Dancing Star”.Image: Joshua Sammer/Getty Images

From the show, he derives the experience “that you can really go very, very far beyond your limits, which I think I did on this show.” He is particularly pleased with the feedback he received during his participation in the format. “You can’t imagine that, even behind the scenes here. It’s so nice when you realize you walk into the room and people get up just because you’re there. It touched me deeply.”according to Bastien.

Here they are on the ninth show.

Here they are on the ninth show.Image: Joshua Sammer/Getty Images

Over time, a friendship developed between him and the dance professional. Ekaterina joked: “You can’t get rid of me. I’m like a nightmare, I keep coming back.” In an interview with Frauke Ludowig, he even said: “It may sound silly, but we have really grown together over time.” The two will therefore stay in contact, “because it was a very intense period”, clarified Bastian.

As a result, he is especially sorry for Ekaterina’s departure, “because she did an incredible job with me and I can’t stress that enough. She deserved to be in the finals of this show again, but I couldn’t just don’t do it.”. He is particularly sad about the end of the show because he no longer sees the participants regularly. However, the comedian admitted: “To be honest, I wouldn’t have wanted to throw away either Sarah or Mathias. It would have been obscene too. They were just better. Period.”

In the end, Bastian, Mathias and Sarah were still trembling to progress.

In the end, Bastian, Mathias and Sarah were still trembling to progress.Image: Getty Images/Joshua Sammer

By the way, in the podcast “Tanz oder nicht”, the ex-professional of “Let’s Dance” Oana Nechiti became even clearer. She said: “I think he’s learned more steps. He’s trying, you can see that. That you should fix this problem is absurd. I haven’t seen anything new. He’s loose for me on the dance floor, he loses his manhood, doesn’t suit his man.”


Last week, Mike Singer and Christina Luft had to leave the big “Let’s Dance” stage. Most recently, they received 22 points for their tango. Now, six dancing couples have fought for the big title “Dancing Star”. The ninth live show this time was all about “Magic Moments.” This time, the stars were asked to bring their emotional moments to the ground.

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