Andreas Gabalier puts Béatrice Egli in “Ask the mouse” – she is shocked: “I trusted him”

  • Team Mouse vs. Team Elefant: Beatrice Egli, Horst Lichter and Jörg Pilawa faced Annette Frier, Esther Sedlaczek and Andreas Gabalier in “Ask the Mouse”.
  • They tried to answer the children’s questions.
  • One of the most important questions: why does a family show with children and for children only end at 11:30 p.m.?

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The learning effect of “Ask the Mouse” is actually still quite large. Since Saturday night we know where the end of the rainbow is and why dogs can’t be colored. In addition, we now know that Jörg Pilawa’s father could belch whole sentences and that Andreas Gabalier does not always play correctly. When Horst Lichter, who was a guest of Eckart von Hirschhausen alongside Beatrice Egli, Annette Frier and Esther Sedlaczek, saw his upper lip for the last time, it’s not yet entirely clear.

Let’s start with a first question to the mouse: Why does a family show with children and for children only end at 11:30 p.m.? It’s not that kids aren’t allowed to stay up late, but after 10 p.m. real fatigue usually sets in.

Second question: who knows more and ends up winning 25,000 euros for a good cause? Eckart von Hirschhausen, who has run the ARD “Ask the Mouse” format since 2010, asked himself this question on Saturday evening.

On duty this time: Team Maus with pop singer Beatrice Egli, TV chef Horst Lichter and presenter Jörg Pilawa, who himself hosted the format from 2006 to 2009, and Team Elefant, which includes actress Annette Frier, presenter Esther Sedlaczek and pop bard Andreas Gabalier do their best. Three rounds during which the real stars of the show, the children, asked lots of fascinating questions.

“Ask the mouse”: where is the end of the rainbow?

Questions like those asked by Julia, 9, from Berlin: Where is the end of the rainbow?

A: You can only reach the end on flat, undeveloped ground.
B: The ending can only be seen from above from the air.
C: A rainbow is actually a circle, so it has no end.

Both teams were anything but solid. “Horst looked the smartest of us,” said Pilawa, whose group relied on the lights. “I just listened to what Anette said,” admitted Sedlaczek, who didn’t exactly have expertise in rainbows. She and everyone else were finally enlightened by an experience: a rainbow is actually a circle. When we’re standing on the ground, however, we can’t see it because the rest of the circle disappears below the horizon, which is why we almost always only see a semicircle with the rainbow.

Gabalier “folk rock’n’roller” clumsy

Between the sets of questions there was sometimes also a game. For example, the teams had to sort balls of different colors which were stacked in several columns, so that in the end there were only balls of one single color in all columns. What made things a little more difficult, but by no means impossible, was that you were only allowed to rearrange one ball at a time.

“Andreas starts,” said someone from Andreas Gabalier’s team, who then responded with a “Ladys first!” open to bullets. The “folk rock’n’roller” didn’t do its job very well. “This colorful ball game is so easy and too difficult for this dubious Gabalier,” he wrote on Twitter. The Elefant team still got the 30 points.

Because of the “colored dogs”

Speaking of color: Marlene from Meckenbeuren was on the dog and asked an interesting question. Since there are many colorful protagonists in the animal kingdom, the nine-year-old wanted to know the following:

Why aren’t dogs colored?

A: Because they are missing certain coat color genes.
B: Because they only see black and white anyway.
C: Because their diet is too one-sided for colored fur.

Due to the other answers, it was not that difficult for the teams to identify answer A as the correct one. It is true that it is “known as a sore thumb”, but by nature dogs do not go beyond the colors black, brown and white.

Why? Their fur color is also determined by the pigment melanin, other pigments are not present in the genome. Resourceful breeders can therefore experiment for a long time: they are unlikely to produce a green sheepdog or a pink dachshund.

“The lips eat the care sticks”

Host Ricardo Simonetti also appeared on the show on Saturday evening to answer a question from Malek from Cologne in the area of ​​”useless knowledge”: The 18-year-old wanted to know how long it takes to use 20 balms at lips if of course you use them consecutively and twice a day.

Do lip balm sticks really work? Or do they care?” Eckart von Hirschhausen was initially more interested in the tongue. “Lips eat the care sticks,” said the bearded beagle, who then asked the host “Horst Lichter couldn’t answer the question. Neither did the mouse. In the end, however, Simonetti knew full well how long 20 lip balms lasted. : 3010 days!

First good humor, then blows

It is also good to know that baleen whales occasionally burp when they swallow air while surfacing. “My dad could belch whole sentences,” Pilawa said proudly of his old man. “Is that how he met your mother?” Eckart von Hirschhausen, who was joking, wanted to know more.

In the middle of the format, which lasted over three hours, it was definitely the funniest. It can’t be ruled out that the fun was lost a bit when the likeable Beatrice Egli sang her new single “Ganz Egal”. And at some point later, Andreas Gabalier had to follow suit and said “An end can be a new beginning and a new love can be so beautiful” and sang something about “In the stormy wind of the tides, I lost my heart.”

The fact that he lost his heart in the stormy tidal wind may be somewhat tragic, but that shouldn’t really be a reason for Andreas Gabalier to tease opponent Beatrice Egli and lead her down the wrong track. . The two had to put six snippets of a song in the correct order – kind of like a “memory” game for music.

Behind the six buzzers of a jukebox were the six song excerpts. The six parts of the song, which were sung live by Malik Harris, who had sat in the jukebox and will represent Germany at the next ESC, had to be pressed in the correct order.

Gabalier cheats on Egli

In any case, it didn’t seem so easy to put in the right order the excerpts of songs from titles like “Guildo hat dich lieb” by Guildo Horn or the hit “Wunder gibt es immer wieder” sung by Katja Ebstein. When it was Egli’s turn and she didn’t know what to do, Gabalier pretended to want to help her and deliberately pointed a bad buzzer. Egli was then shocked. “I trusted him. But you can’t trust the men from Austria. I will never sing Liad for you again,” the Swiss said first, then directly to Andreas Gabalier. He just laughed.

Anyway, after three rounds the Maus team with Egli, Lichter and Pilawa had more points than their opponents. And in the big mouse duel, as the finale of “Just Ask the Mouse” was called, it went to Brühl on Europe’s highest climbing tower and there for Andreas Wöhle below and Tom Gehlert on high. Means: At this sporting event, reminiscent of the outside bet “Wetten, dass…?”, it has to be decided whether houserunner Andi, who has already been successfully used for “Ask the Mouse” on several occasions, can run the climbing wall faster than firefighter athlete Gehlert can climb.

Both Team Maus and Team Elefant relied on the equally confident firefighter athlete. They were spot on with it. Tom Gehlert climbed the Brühl climbing tower in just 16 seconds, while Andreas Wöhle needed about two seconds more to descend. In any case, the 25,000 euros that Team Maus with Beatrice Egli, Jörg Lichter and Horst Pilawa were able to win went to the association “Alliance Development Helps – Together for People in Need” and “Aktion Deutschland Hilft”, both dedicated to the people of Engage in Ukraine.

Director Louis Leterrier and Hollywood star Omar Sy have already collaborated successfully on the “Lupin” series. Now the team follows up with a senseless police comedy. Here you can see the first trailer for the Netflix movie ‘A Deadly Team Investigates Again’. © ProSiebenSat.1

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