Amira makes Oliver Pocher cry during the show

Both Amira and Oliver Pocher must have cried.Image: Joshua Sammer/Getty Images

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Last week, Mike Singer and Christina Luft had to leave the big “Let’s Dance” stage. Most recently, they received 22 points for their tango. Now, six dancing couples have fought for the big title “Dancing Star”. The ninth live show was this time all about “Magic Moments”. This time, the stars were asked to bring their emotional moments to the ground.

Admittedly, this already existed in the show. Especially the Contemporary by Janin Ullmann and Zsolt Sándor Cseke will be remembered by one or the other. Here, the host processed her separation pain over her failed marriage to Kostja Ullmann. Even the tears flowed. But there should be more today. However, this was due in particular to Amira Pocher.

Amira was very moved that evening.

Amira was very moved that evening.Image: Joshua Sammer/Getty Images

Amira Pocher is surprised after her performance

Amira Pocher had her very special “magic moment” with her dance partner Massimo Sinató. She dealt with her non-existent relationship with her father and the big reunion after more than 20 years. She was three years old when her father left. “I met and saw my father again after 23 years. There are always questions: Why isn’t he here? Do you love me? Do you miss me? Do you at least know me? Do you want to see me? Just a part of you is missing. I’ve always looked for that.”

Amira and Massimo went full throttle.

Amira and Massimo went full throttle.Image: Joshua Sammer/Getty Images

Her husband Oliver Pocher finally got her to see her father four years ago in Egypt. “He took the initiative and we left. My whole family was there. I thought: this is where I belong, this is where I come from.”, the 29-year-old said. Finally, she showed a free mix of contemporary, tango, salsa, paso and rumba on Stromae’s song “Papaoutai”.

Oliver Pocher was visibly moved by Amiras

Oliver Pocher was visibly moved by Amira’s “Magic Moment.”Image: rtl screenshot

The comedian, who was sitting in the studio, quickly burst into tears. Motsi Mabuse was also moved by the performance. Amira then hugged her beloved, she too must have cried. After the performance, Massimo first said: “I’m so incredibly proud of you, Amira. It took me a long time to break that hard shell. You learned four dances in four days. You are a mother with so many emotions.”

Massimo was very proud of Amira.

Massimo was very proud of Amira.Image: Joshua Sammer/Getty Images

Motsi was also happy with Amira’s performance and said: “I experienced the first ‘magic moment’ for me today. Thank you for telling your story, for showing your vulnerability. The dance is so important and such an outlet. You felt everything you did. Sensational, pompous.” Jorge González couldn’t help but rave: “I still have goosebumps, I saw a new Amira. Thank you for giving emotions, we need you.” He didn’t think Oliver Pocher would have to cry.

Motsi Mabuse was equally touched.

Motsi Mabuse was equally touched.Image: rtl screenshot

There was also a lot of praise from Joachim Llambi: “I have to be honest: after Matz I was touched because you opened up. We have always seen a strong and tough Amira who does not want to show any weakness. who are really good also give that outside. That’s strength, that’s why this ‘Magic Moment’ was so strong. You can no longer overcome the emotional. That’s what you want to see here. Small mistakes aren’t so important anymore. We can see that not everything was 100% in terms of dancing, but those emotions are what make the show special. In the end, it’s ‘Let’s Dance’.”

Here you can see Amira's father.

Here you can see Amira’s rtl screenshot

In the end, the jury gave 30 points to Amira. Presenter Victoria Swarovski suddenly told her: “Unfortunately, your father can’t be here.” To her surprise, however, there was an emotional video message from her: “Hello Amira, how are you darling? I know I haven’t been with you for 20 years. I wanted to be with you always. I’m glad you’re with Oliver. I saw that you danced well. I wish you good luck from Egypt. I love you, I miss you so much.”

Amira and Victoria kissed.

Amira and Victoria rtl screenshot

As the recording played, Amira burst into tears. Victoria Swarovski also had to cry: “I’m already crying like a castle dog,” she said. With this performance, Amira and Massimo got the ticket for the tenth live show. By the way, the mother of two sons was not the only person with the highest score. Circus artist René Casselly and moderator Janin Ullmann also received 30 points. They also advanced thanks to their strong performances. Bastian Bielendorfer, who only got 13 points, had to leave the series.

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