Aldi supermarket reacts to price hikes – and employees benefit

In response to inflation, Aldi raises the minimum wage for its employees.Image: KEYSTONE / GAETAN BALLY

Life is getting more expensive: Following the Russian aggression war in Ukraine, the cost of energy and food has increased dramatically. The Federal Statistical Office determined that the inflation rate in April was 7.4%. In March, it was 7.3%. In particular, employees in the low-wage sector suffer from price increases.

To relieve its employees The Aldi discount chain has thus increased the minimum wage of its employees from 12.50 euros to 14 euros per hour.

Aldi raises minimum wage to 14 euros

“Everything is currently becoming more expensive and of course the employees of Aldi Süd feel this too,” the discounter said in a statement. The northern sister company also joins us. “All employees who, all allowances included, have earned less than 14 euros gross per hour will then receive more money”says one from a spokesperson for Aldi Nord.

Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd increase their minimum wage.

Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd increase their minimum wage. Image: imageBROKER/Schoening

The wage increase is to be applied from June and is well above the legal minimum wage of 10.45 euroswhich will be introduced from July this year.

More salary also for interns

The above tariff remuneration also applies to trainees. “From August, the salaries of all interns will be increased by 100 euros: to 1100 euros in the first year, 1200 euros in the second year and 1350 euros in the third year”, said an Aldi spokesperson. Sud in a statement.

The discounter wants to “make training more attractive for young people”. Because compared to studies, it becomes less and less important. This thesis is also supported by current data: according to the Federal Statistical Office, for the first time in 2020, more people started university studies than vocational training.

British pay rise

Aldi is not the first company to adjust its wages to inflation. The British supermarket chain “Morrison” now pays its employees a minimum wage of 10 pounds – previously this figure was 9.20 pounds. As an additional measure, the group has also reduced the prices of more than 100 main products. The news portal “The Grocer” first reported on this.


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